Sharon & Larry Trick

Hi Cheryl:
We were feeling so anxious and indecisive about choosing a Realtor when we first started looking into putting our home on the market, but we are so glad we chose Cheryl Richardson! She is an incredibly honest and knowledgeable professional with boundless energy and impressive organizational skills. With years (decades?) of experience and connections in the industry, she absolutely knows what is needed to market your home.
Cheryl truly went above and beyond to help us get our home ready for listing. We finally just got out of her way and let her remove, rearrange, and redecorate until she was satisfied. Our home looked amazing when she was done. Her attention to detail provided amazing still shots, interior video, and aerial drone video footage for our listing. The end result generated so much interest, we ended up receiving well over asking price!
She was a joy to work with and you can be confident Cheryl understands what is needed to sell your home! You will not regret choosing Cheryl Richardson!

Nancy and Robert Nault

Hi Cheryl:
Just want to sincerely thank-you for all that you did for us in the sale of our home. You first came into our home a couple of years ago, after I had asked you to provide us with an evaluation of our home. At that time, you gave us some comparables and an estimated value of our home. How and why did we pick you, well it was quite easy. We knew several people who had hired you as their real estate agent in the subdivision and they spoke very highly of you. They told us you listened, provided constructive comments and priced their house so it would sell. In each of 3 cases the homes sold quickly and were within 1 percent of the asking price, and this was a couple of years ago. We had Ceryl in a couple of weeks before we listed and she gave us a run down of things we needed to do to get in ready for the market. We called her on Tuesday and told her we would be ready on the Thursday. She had the pictures taken Thursday morning and listed on Friday. Your bubbly outgoing personality, years of experience, staging experience and knowledge of the market helped to solidify the sale of our property within 24 hours, over asking with no conditions. Grant it we are in a seller’s market however it is very easy to get greedy and very difficult to gage the market on any given day. We all have an opinion of what we think our home is worth but, in our case, she knew we wanted to sell fast, and we wanted it priced to sell so we took her lead in all areas and we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. One piece of advise if I could give anyone, choose an agent that will work for you and help you achieve your objectives, more importantly listen to their recommendations and suggestions. That is what you are paying them to do and if you pick Cheryl, she will not lead you down a wrong path. Again, Cheryl thank you so much for your everything you did for us. It was so greatly appreciated.

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